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Ux designer


Parkobility streamlines the process of locating parking spaces for drivers across the USA. In today's urban landscape, countless vehicles navigate city streets, exacerbating the challenge of securing adequate parking spots. This struggle is particularly pronounced for those seeking extended parking durations.


However, Parkobility addresses this issue by allowing users to precisely define their desired location and timing for parking, empowering users to effortlessly browse and secure suitable parking arrangements.

Client's needs

While the website was already up and running, the client now aims to develop an application that captures the same essence and provides equivalent services.


The goal is to not only maintain the familiar feel but also expand its reach, making these services accessible to a larger audience. Additionally, the application will enhance customer convenience by offering greater flexibility in booking parking spaces from any location.


We've noticed a growing trend where an increasing number of individuals exclusively rely on their mobile phones for internet access.


This aligns with the continuously rising user base of mobile devices. However, as a travel service, a significant portion of our clientele requires the capability to make reservations while on the move. Recognizing this demand, we identified the necessity to develop a dedicated mobile application to cater to these on-the-go booking needs.


In order to guarantee the achievement of my objectives by the culmination of the design process, I conceptualized a range of interactions that align with each individual goal.

Paper first

After evaluating the goals and focusing on adapting the web version to mobile, we started with the design phase, sketching on paper possible layout designs for the main screens.


low fidelity wireframes

We then created the low-fidelity prototype and shared it with the skateholders to receive feedback and make the necessary adjustments.


Design system

design system

Final designs

Before the redesign, the platform was cluttered, the layout was inconsistent and the user journey was not clear.

Here is a detailed walkthrough of what we improved after the entire conception process.


On the home page, the user enters his or her location and the dates of entry and exit and obtains the best results, to customize the search, you can make use of the search filters.

final designs homepage

Booking and checkout

We tried to reduce the number of steps to a minimum to make the experience easier and less tedious for the user. all you need to do is enter your check-in and check-out dates and you can go directly to the checkout.

final designs booking

My bookings

My bookings section is a very important part of the application, here the user can manage all his bookings and find all the necessary information about it such as dates, prices, parking locations, and much more.

final designs my bookings

My profile

in my Profile the user can manage all his/her information, change his/her email, and password, add new vehicles, or even report a bug or request new features.

my profile

What I learned

First of all I learned about the companies that offer parking services how they work and what things to take into account.


I also learned how to adapt a desktop platform to the mobile application, keeping all the features offered in the desktop version and taking advantage of all the benefits and opportunities that a mobile application can offer, always trying to improve the user experience in all its dimensions.

desktop version



Maintain visual and interaction consistency between the app and the web version to provide a cohesive experience for users transitioning between platforms.

check in date


Efficient Navigation

Design intuitive navigation that allows users to access key features and content with minimal effort. Utilize mobile navigation patterns such as tabs and bottom navigation bars.

parkobility search


Mobile-Centric Design

Adapt the design to the mobile context, considering the smaller screen size, touch interactions, and mobile usage patterns.

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